The ideal choice for your logistics challenges

We offer creative, competent and reliable solutions. Innovation and versatility are vital parts of our philosophy. We work closely with you to understand your unique business needs.

Integrated solutions throughout the supply chain, turning logistics challenges into real competitive advantages


Regular review and adjustment of our processes to be globally efficient but locally accountable

Compliance with local requirements, as well as industry and global regulations, but respecting the business traditions and customs essential for successful partnerships

Globalised business and new markets demand a wider geographical vision.

Kuehne + Nagel’s 70,000 logistics professionals spread across 1,300 locations in over 100 countries give you access to our integrated global network and more than 125 years of experience

Our dedicated expert staff work with standardised processes and systems to ensure consistency, reliability and peace of mind

Visibility and monitoring of your shipments in near real-time using our advanced information management system, and available through a standard browser interface


Integrated, single-source logistics solutions that span the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to end consumer


A comprehensive range of logistics services including value-added insurance and consultancy

With our broad product portfolio and industry expertise, and our sophisticated information systems, including real time monitoring and automated exception management, you can concentrate on your own business while we focus on transportation